Why Us?

The market is saturated with recruiting agencies. Our team is comprised of attorneys that have dealt with major recruiting agencies from both sides: we’ve enlisted their services to find jobs, and we’ve worked for them. As such, we have designed our Company to specifically overcome the major flaws in the recruiting industry today to make for a more happy and successful recruiting experience.  

Ad Hoc Recruiting guarantees that your experience will have:

Selectivity and Transparency

We are selective about the Firms and Corporations we work with. We do not blindly submit our candidates to institutions that we do not know, trust, and have a working relationship with.

This way, we can be transparent with our Job Candidates from the outset. We know that nothing is more frustrating than going through a lengthy interview process only to find out that the job does not match the Candidate’s needs, salary expectations, accommodations, etc.

 We make sure that our Candidate’s job expectations align with our trusted Client’s job positions before we more forward in the job seeking process.

No Resume Black Holes/ Guaranteed Response Time

We guarantee that your resume submission will not go unnoticed. Within a week of receiving your resume, you will receive a personal email or call from our team about how to move forward.

After our initial communication, if we mutually decide to establish a working relationship, we will always get back to you in a timely manner. 48 hours at the latest.

Positive Interactions with Professionals that Understand

We’re a group of young, forward thinking professionals that understand the process of successfully placing Candidates at great jobs that make them happy.   We’re all attorneys that can relate to your job needs, expectations and concerns.