Frequently Asked Questions

Who Pays?

Not you. Our Candidates never pay us. We have fee agreements in place with law firms and corporations – these agreements do not affect your compensation whatsoever. In fact, they're happy we found you.

What Makes Us Different?

We are a small company that genuinely cares about the people we work with. Unlike large recruiting firms, we don’t adhere to strict metrics of recruiting. We will never make a cold call. We will not send out blast emails to firms. We won’t overexpose our candidates,   We are focused on building solid relationships with firms and candidates.

Our Philosophy

Our team is comprised of former attorneys that recognize the difficulties of acquiring a meaningful job in today’s market. Job search engines and recruiting websites are just a way to pass the time. Meaning, they rarely yield any substantive traction. Resumes of great candidates sent to these sites often go unanswered, or are met with a boilerplate email saying “no”, with no real explanation.  

Connecting with these firms and corporations directly is imperative. That is what we do. We know these people, we know their culture, and we know what they are looking for.

And when we come to them saying you’ll be a good fit- it will mean something.

But above all, we want to make sure we are connecting our clients with jobs that they find meaningful. We are in the business of making people happy.


Matchmaking. We have successfully placed dozens of attorneys at new positions where they feel more fulfilled. We understand that certain positions might not be a right fit. We are committed to finding the best fit.

We specialize in connecting our clients with jobs that are in their realm of expertise. We have successfully moved clients to bigger firms, start-ups, in-house, and lobbyist positions.


We are not great at facilitating a career change. Meaning, if you are a family law attorney looking for a corporate law position, we probably aren’t right for you But contact us anyway, and we will try to connect you to the right people.


We know how hard the job search is and even if you don’t think our services can help you, we’d love to talk to you and share experiences.